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April 24 Bargaining Update: We are at an impasse

Your Union began Bargaining with Bruce Power on November 13, 2018, with the clear purpose of negotiating the best possible new collective agreement that would be both fair and reasonable and that would meet our members needs and interests, as solicited from the Society Members through the Bargaining Survey and Detailed Member Bargaining submission solicitations that took place earlier in 2018. Today, we gave BP our comprehensive response to their latest proposal and significant gaps still exist between the two sides.

At this time the Employer and The Society are at an impasse.  In an effort to bridge the considerable gap that remains we have applied to the Minister of Labour to appoint a conciliation officer to work with the parties to bridge that gap. It’s important to recall that The Society would have preferred to continue to use mediation-arbitration rather than the more adversarial strike/lock out approach initiated by Bruce Power. It is with this focus upon finding solutions that meet the interests of both parties that we have sought the aid of the Minister of Labour in the form of a conciliation officer to assist us in getting beyond the impasse.